JUNE 20, 2015 – This morning, Marauder IV and one of our open zodiacs headed west to catch up with some Transient Killer Whales. Enroute, a Humpback surprised us by popping up and provided our guests with some great views, then off we went towards the Transients. The group of Orcas included one male (T-49C) and two females. On their way back to Victoria our boats stopped to check out Race Rocks and saw that it was absolutely covered with sleepy harbour seals.

The sun was still shining in the afternoon when Marauder IV went out and met with not one, not two but THREE different groups of Transient Killer Whales, including our favourite T127, known for his jagged dorsal fin. Towards the end of our trip Captain Bill was notified that the Resident Killer Whales were headed our way. Even though we had already seen TONS of whales we extended our trip so that our guests could spend a few special minutes with J and K pod. The crew counted all three of J-pod’s calves and Blackberry and Mike swam close along our port side. It was the perfect day to be out Whale Watching!IMG_0363

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