Sea Lions lounging in the Sun

September 11, 2016 – This morning the Marauder IV headed west in search of whales. It was a beautiful sunny morning. We had to travel for a while but finally found quite a few killer whale residents close to Sooke. We saw several individuals (big males, females and a young) of the southern resident killer whale population. There are only 82 individuals left in that very endangered population so it is always a great pleasure to observe them. They were obviously looking for food, certainly salmon, and were not the only ones to have that idea as a lot of fishermen were on site as well. After about 30 min spent with them, it was time to make our way back home but we first stopped at Race Rocks to have look at the hundreds of Steller and California sea lions and harbour seals that use the rocks as a winter haul out. It was very noisy and smelly there now but it was so much fun observing those very cute animals!

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