bull kelp
Floating Bull Kelp

August 24, 2016 – In the morning, the sun was shining and it was already very warm when we left the harbour heading west. We sailed all the way to Sooke where we found a big pod of resident killer whales. They were cruising along looking for salmon (their favourite prey). We watched them for about 20 minutes before heading to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to check out the seals and the sea lions. Then it was time to head back to Victoria for a well-deserved lunch.

In the afternoon, our boats travelled south to Constance Bank and met up with a couple of humpback whales. We watched them surfacing several times and diving for a few minutes. They were looking for food, probably herring as they love those little fish, which are found in abundance in the area. Then we headed toward Chain Islets to pick some bull kelp, a fast-growing (about 20cm a day) brown algae that some of our passengers were courageous enough to taste!

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