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Today’s calm waters led to sightings of both the Southern Residents and the T65A’s, both ecotypes of Killer Whales or Orca.

Morning zodiacs tours caught up with members of the beloved salmon-eating Orcas, J-pod and L-pod. Two of the pods out of a total of three that make up the members of the Southern Resident Killer Whales (J, L, and K pods). These Orca feed primarily on Chinook Salmon and are the most well known whales in the world! It is always a pleasure to see them back in our waters.

Afterwards, the zodiacs headed off to spend some time with a Humpback Whale! It was a double creature feature tour.

In the afternoon, tours headed north towards Gordon Head. Here they got to spend time with the T65A’s. This is a family of marine mammal-eating Orcas that we see quite frequently in our waters. The pod had a young calf that repeatedly lunged itself out of the water to keep up with the rest of its traveling family members.

Residents and the T65A's
Members of the T65A’s

The water was glassy and the whales were abundant. A wonderful day in the Salish Sea!

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