AUGUST 17, 2015 – What an absolutely amazing day! The morning trip was spent with J-Pod and K-Pod while they were hunting for breakfast off San Juan Island. Blackberry and some of his family members were very active and were circling a school of salmon, working together to herd the fish. We then saw their powerful tails come up out of the water and slap down as hard as they could. It was amazing! They must have caught some fish as we saw a few breaches, almost like the orcas were celebrating their feast!

The day just got better and better when we left on our afternoon trip. There were Transient killer whales rolling into town! They were spotted not too far from the harbour. When we caught up to them, we noticed there seemed to be two different groups hunting together. There were two huge males with them with extremely impressive and interestingly shaped dorsal fins. The Transients were super active swimming quickly, changing directions suddenly and lots of splashing around. They must have been hunting seals or porpoises. 

Our day of wildlife didn’t stop there! On our way back to Victoria, we found a humpback whale! This gentle giant was relaxing on the surface for a while and then took a deep dive, as its beautiful fluke rose into the air. It couldn’t get much better with the amazing Olympic Mountain Range looming in the background.

Resident killer whales, Transient killer whales, humpback whales, seals and seabirds! Can’t get much better than that!

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