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The Time to step out of that Christmas-dinner coma and see some whales! This afternoon, Captain Ian lead a group of excited whale watchers out on our Zodiac, StrongTide. Most of today’s guests were first-timer whale watchers, brought here as a Christmas present from a loved one!

In time for a late Christmas present, passengers were graced with a Double-Whale-Day! The trip started out with a gorgeous Humpback Whale doing some deep-diving, showing off it’s unique print on the underside of its giant tail!

After watching the Humpback, Ian’s group moved on and soon enough were watching lone male Transient Orcas.  The two males, T93 and T97, are often found travelling together. They can be distinguished by their huge dorsal fins and bold saddle patches. A male Orca’s dorsal fin can reach up to 2 meters tall (that’s taller than most humans!), making it a truly magical experience to witness these giants in the wild.

To check out Captain Ian’s photos from the tour, click here to go to our Facebook album for December 27th 2018.

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