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A Killer Whale porpoising through the water!

MARCH 19 2019 – What a day and what a trip with Pods and Pods of Killer Whales!  Today we did a 69 Nautical Mile round trip just so we could spend some quality time with a large group of Killer Whales.  Mark took our excited guests on a long journey up Haro Strait in search of the large group spotted earlier that day.  After about an hour of high speed travel they finally came across them.  The sun was shining and the seas were calm.  It was great to just sit and watch these wild animals doing what they do best – BEING WILD!  Our guests raved about the little calf and the large bull in the group.  The size difference between the two is astonishing.

But the excitement of the day didn’t stop with just the Killer Whale sightings.  Our Skipper Mark took the group through some narrow passages with stunning scenery all around.  They passed Skipjack Island and went slowly through John’s Pass.  They sped by Spieden Island, an Island that was once owned by John Wayne himself!  They also saw Harbour Seals and a Bald Eagle too.  It was a perfect day on the water with tons to see.  The sunshine and calm weather was an absolute bonus 🙂

As April approaches so does tourist season.  Our tours will be heading out more and more which means we will have more and more wildlife logs to share with you.  Starting April 15th our large Covered Vessel the Marauder IV will be starting tours too.  So if you prefer the more chilled out version of Whale Watching have a look at Marauder here.  If you love listening to our stories and seeing our pictures why not read our Blog Page or head to our Facebook Page.

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