Excited Passengers and Humpback - Image was taken with a zoom lens
Excited Passengers and Humpback – Image was taken with a zoom lens

JUNE 21, 2016 – The day began with Captain Dan, on the Marauder IV, and Skippers Mark and Barry, on a couple of our zodiac vessels. Everyone departed from the Inner Harbour with their boats full of keen passengers. They headed West towards Port Angeles and came upon four humpback whales. They were being very playful today, as guests got to see a lot of tail fluking. One of them even treated everybody to a breach, making a massive splash! After spending some quality time with these beauties, they then headed towards Race Rocks, a popular location abundant with Marine Wildlife. Here they got to see some seals lounging about on the rocks and a cute little sea otter named Harry Otter.

In the afternoon, our Captain and Skippers headed out to sea again. They soon located some transient killer whales around Beechy Bay, which is located West from Race Rocks. They were hunting when they vessels came upon them, so they got to enjoy this incredibly cool display of nature. They also treated everyone to spyhopping (which is when a whale raises his head out of the water). After getting to see the transients, our crew pointed out some bald eagles, sea lions and harbour seals for everyone.

In the evening, Skipper Greg took out another zodiac for our new sunset tour, which is always a beautiful time of day to be out on the water. They headed to Discovery Island and came across a pod of transient killer whales. After getting some great photos and learning a lot about the whales, Greg sped off towards the Chattam Islands and found more marine wildlife such as seals and sea lions.

Everybody had an amazing day and were all so happy to have seen so many whales!

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