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Today’s morning tours were filled with a very active Humpback Whale and one of the largest Orcas in the Pacific Northwest!

Passengers had the amazing sight of a Humpback Whale that repeatedly tail slapped right near the boat. The whale was putting such force behind the slaps that half its body was rising out of the water!  Moving on from there, our boats caught up with two Killer Whales. The mother-and-son duo known as the T11’s. T11 and her son T11A are known for the fact that T11A is thought to be the largest Orca in the Pacific Northwest! He’s one big fella!

Afternoon tours also got to spend some quality time with Humpback Whales and Killer Whales. This time, it was three groups of Orcas together, the T137’s, T34’s & T37’s. Talk about a T-Party!

An unforgettable day out on the water.

Big Fella – T11A in the morning
Playful humpback
Very playful Humpback Whale
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