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May 4 2019- Four different species of Seal and Sea Lion on one rock!

Skipper Mark and his passengers, aboard our Zodiac Fastide, departed Victoria in the morning and headed west.  It was another beautiful morning, ideal for wildlife spotting!

After checking out Whirl Bay and some other beautiful coastal spots they headed towards Sooke where they found some mature Bald Eagles sporting that beautiful brown and white plumage.  Mark then decided to search for whales to the south and went all the way to Crescent Bay, a popular spot on the US shoreline to see Gray Whales!  They skipped over to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where they found four different species of pinniped (members of the Seal, Sea Lion & Walrus family).  There were an abundance of the usual cute Harbour Seals including some very large pregnant females.  Harbour Seal’s pupping season is June/July so we should start to see some young pups pretty soon.  The large Steller Sea Lions and their smaller cousins the California Sea Lions were seen sunning themselves on the rocks and our guests were also lucky enough to see some massive Northern Elephant Seals!

Although there were no Whales sighted in the area today the guests still had a great adventure on our high speed zodiac with Mark!

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