Dall's porpoise just beneath the surface.
Dall’s porpoise just beneath the surface.

When asked to describe today Captain Ian simply said, “It was perfect!” The combination of silky smooth waters, extremely playful Orca and Dall’s Porpoise, as well as Humpbacks, all combined to make today’s tours stand up with the best of them.

Naturalist Fiona described her time with J and K-Pod this morning as what looked like “a fall family reunion”.  The two pods were excitedly playing with each other, continuously spyhopping, tail slapping and rolling around on their backs! This morning’s passengers also got a treat with a group of Dall’s porpoise in the mood to play, riding the bow wave of the Zodiac and making for some great pictures.

This afternoon’s passengers were no less impressed by the continual breaches, tail slaps and playful behaviours of the Orca. When describing their behaviour Captain Ian said “every time the Orca surfaced they did something, there were so many breaches and lots of tail slapping and belly rolls – it really was up there with one of the best trips I’ve had this season.”

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