Summer Again?!

October 28, 2019

What a beautiful day! It almost felt like summer again. The sky was clear, the winds were low and the sea was smooth and calm. We set off in the afternoon- a few of us wearing sunscreen! Race Rocks Lighthouse. Photo taken by Captain Ian.   We sped along in …

Sunny Sunday

October 27, 2019

The sea was like glass today, beautiful conditions for a Zodiac trip. We set off in the afternoon and enjoyed the warm autumn sunshine. We had heard reports of Humpbacks near Race Rocks and as we got to the South of Race Rocks we spotted our first blow. It then …

Humpback Whale diving

Two Species!

October 26, 2019

Our Zodiac vessel took off in the afternoon in search of some marine wildlife, our passengers were wrapped up and scanning the horizon excitedly. After only a little while, we came across the day’s first species- Humpback Whales. We got very lucky; we saw approximately 15 Humpbacks in the same …

Wonderful Westcoast

October 24, 2019

Today Marauder IV went off exploring the local waters. It was a chilly day but the water was flat and calm. We had lots of excited passengers on board scanning the horizon with their coffee and hot chocolates in hand. It wasn’t long before we came across out first species, …

Humpback Delight

October 22, 2019

It was a slightly windy and chilly day, and with the temperature dropping, we wrapped up warmly. FasTide’s 12 passengers were excited and eager as we set off  early in the afternoon. The zodiac cut through the choppy waters, and sped off towards Constance Bank. We had heard that there …

Sunday Funday

October 20, 2019

We set sail on our zodiac boat “FasTide” in the afternoon with high hopes of finding some large marine mammals. We weren’t to be disappointed and east of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve we found some Humpback whales. It was estimated that there were about 10 in the area. We concentrated …

Humpbacks Ahoy

October 19, 2019

Just as we set foot on our zodiac boat “FasTide” the clouds opened up and blue sky was visible. It was meant to be! We set sail in search of wildlife once more with another group of merry adventurers. We headed south and then to the west, rounding William Head. …

The Humpback Comeback

October 17, 2019

Having had rain all morning and heavier rain forecast in the afternoon, we choose our time wisely and set off early afternoon on the Zodiac. There were large patches of blue sky and the sun was shining. We had great conditions for spotting wildlife. Avoiding the rain on the Salish …

Two Species One Afternoon!

October 16, 2019

The predicted rain held off enough for us to have a fabulous afternoon out on the water. Our first species was the Humpback whale! After travelling not too far South and West we came across a young humpback moving at such a distance and pace we thought it was two! …

Humpback whale tail

Mother’s Love

October 15, 2019

We headed out on our zodiac trip, excited for adventure and keen to see some wildlife! Well we certainly were not disappointed when we came across a mum & calf Humpback whale southeast of Race Rocks. The calf was curiously playful while its watchful mother kept tabs. A beautiful moment …

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