Rhinoceros Auklet perched on a floating log. Picture taken by Captain Yves with a zoom lens.

Rhinoceros Auklet

March 2, 2020

Natural World of Southern Vancouver Island through the lens of Captain Yves- Part 2 Can you tell why it’s called RHINO-ceros? The little horn they grow on the base of their bill appears during mating on both males and females. The function of which is not known but it is …

Black Otystercatcher. Picture taken with zoom lens.

Beautiful Birds of the Pacific Northwest

March 1, 2020

Natural World of Southern Vancouver Island through the lens of Captain Yves- Part 1 Over the next few weeks we’re featuring some fun facts about some of our favorite beautiful birds of the Pacific Northwest. First up is the Black Oystercatcher (BOC)! This well camouflaged bird blends into the dark …

Harbour seals in sausage pose! Pictures taken by SpringTide Crew with a zoom lens.

Seal Pups!

March 1, 2020

Yesterdays tour was a cute one! Visiting one of our favorite spots, Race Rocks Lighthouse and Ecological Reserve, we were greeted with some very small Harbour seal pups. On arrival we saw one of them trying to haul themselves on the rocks to warm up. We even got a small …

Surfacing Humpback Whale. Picture taken by SpringTide crew with a zoom lens.

Humpbacks, Otters and Sea lions!

February 22, 2020

Yesterdays trip gave us a fantastic wealth of different wildlife. Zooming out towards Race Rocks to start with the group got to enjoy the weather and the scenery. Hearing and smelling the residents of Race Rocks before they were clearly in view our group were pleased to see the Seals …

A Grey Whale! Picture taken by Captain Ian with a zoom lens

First Sighting of the Year

February 21, 2020

What an exciting tour! Travelling North from Victoria Harbour the group headed towards the Chain islands. Here we got to see Harbour Seals hauled out on the rocks and also a Steller Sea Lion in the water. A very hungry Sea Lion grabbing a bite to eat! Steller Sea Lion …

Fast swimming Orca! Picture taken by Captain Ian Roberts.


February 19, 2020

What a totally awesome trip! So much wildlife to be seen! Another spring like day with calm weather -perfect for a zodiac trip. Our guests got to enjoy some beautiful scenery while on their tour. Race Rocks with Mount Baker behind. Picture taken by Captain Ian with a zoom lens. …

Killer Whales swimming near Plumper Sound. Picture taken by Captain Ian with a zoom lens.

A Killer Whale of a Time

February 17, 2020

What a spectacular day to go out on the water in a speedy zodiac! The sun was shining and our adventurers were ready to get on the water and search for some beautiful BC wildlife! Captain Ian and the group zoomed out North from Victoria harbour towards Plumper Sound. This …

Bald Eagle at Race Rocks. Picture taken with a zoom lens.

Eagles and Seals and Porpoise! Oh My!

February 9, 2020

Our adventurers set off with the calm waters and blue sky a good sign of things to come. Venturing out to Race Rocks we were lucky enough to see Bald Eagles perching on the rocks (pictured above). Working our way around the Race Rocks area were also lucky enough to …

The tail of a Humpback Whale. Picture by SpringTide crew with a zoom lens.

Winter Wildlife

February 2, 2020

A suited and booted group of adventures went in search for some winter wildlife in the glorious sunshine and weren’t disappointed. After a short ride out of Victoria Harbour the group got to see the enormous blows of a Humpback Whale . They were also treated with a glorious shot …

The blow of a Humpback Whale. Picture taken by Captain Ian with a zoom lens.

A Soaring Success!

January 30, 2020

Yet again Captain Ian was out in the Salish Sea with some adventurers to look for some spectacular winter wildlife. The group was not disappointed when we caught sight of humpback whales near William Head. The picture above captures an almost perfect example of what a humpback whale’s blow looks …

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