Humpback Whale

Humpbacks, Porpoises and Pinnipeds

September 13, 2019

Humpback whale tail fluke. Photo taken by Captain Yves with a zoom lens & heavily cropped. On Friday, September 13 it was a very nice day. Overcast with some sunshine, calm seas, it was beautiful. Throughout the trip we were treated with the sight of a big beautiful humpback whale. …

Humpback Whale

Friendly Humpbacks

September 12, 2019

The day was beautiful and sunny on Thursday, September 12 and it was made even better by some very friendly humpbacks. What we consider friendly is a humpback that likes to spend plenty of time on the surface. Not doing very long or deep dives but just cruising along on …

Beautiful Breaches!

September 11, 2019

The day started off a little overcast. The clouds were hanging around town but we didn’t stick around for long, as we headed straight out onto the water. Marauder IV & our Zodiacs off on their adventures! We sailed past a familiar sight here in Victoria at Ogden Point, a …

Through the fog

September 10, 2019

Our guests today were treated to a truly West Coast experience; overcast skies with patches of cheeky blue peeking through and banks of fog rolling across the water in dense patches. Foggy with a chance of whales.   Though visibility was foggy at the start of the journey that didn’t …

A special day- A Fin Whale!

September 9, 2019

Morning Tour Taking off from the harbour this morning, we encountered a fog bank creating a mysterious atmosphere around our boats. Turning our heads around after a few minutes on our way on the open ocean, we witnessed a stunning picture of the fog bank in front of the Victoria …

Magical moments with a Humpback Whale

September 8, 2019

Morning Tour There was a touch of fog hovering over the water as we set sail this morning but that certainly did not dampen down our search. With our eyes glued on the water we travelled East towards the Canada/USA, we scanned the coastlines of Discovery and San Juan islands. …

Humpback Whale

Wildlife all around

September 7, 2019

Coming out of the harbor we had picturesque views of the Olympic Mountains ahead in Washington state. We continued in that Southerly direction and then turned West as we peeled around Race Rocks Lighthouse. To the West was where we found our first species of the day: a Humpback Whale. …

Transient Killer Whale

Familiar Faces

September 6, 2019

We turned East out of the harbor and traveled along the coastline of Victoria taking in the sights of Beacon Hill Park, Trial and Discovery Islands. It was a little bumpy while crossing the Haro Strait but nothing that the Marauder IV couldn’t handle and it cut through the waves …

Mount Baker

Hungry Humpbacks & Island Living

September 5, 2019

Morning It was a calm morning out on the Salish Sea, perfect conditions for spotting whales! Our first travel direction was South and then to the West. Our search proved fruitful, as we came across two Humpback whales. They were arching their backs and flicking their tails up in the …

Male Transient Killer Whale

Pit-stop at Zero Rock

September 4, 2019

It was a glorious afternoon on the water: not a white capped wave to be seen, the sun was shinning and the visibility clear as day. We exited the harbor and headed East, rounded between Victoria Golf Club and Discovery Island and cruised north up the Haro Strait. We took …

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