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Tail End

Southern smoke and west coast fog are still creating a mysterious glamour around the Victoria area. Whilst the city appears rather normal, once an excursion on the water is underway … Continued

Smoke and Mirrors

September 13th, 2020 – the sky is muffled, blurred by the recent smoke crawling it’s way up from below our Canadian Border to marry the seasonal blanket of fog. Even … Continued

So much Wildlife!

Another wonderful day on the Salish Sea! We were on the go for a whale watching tour when our boat, the Marauder IV, was greeted by a couple of adorable … Continued

Happy Orcas

  Monday was a perfect day for a great Whale Watching trip! With a clear weather our crew headed to the Sooke area and were treated with viewing a group … Continued

Humpback Valley

It started as a foggy afternoon in the Salish Sea but nothing would stop our crew and passengers from heading out at on the water to spot some whales! We … Continued

Sunshine and Killer Whales

Back to the sunny skies of summer for Victoria on this day as we headed North up towards Sidney. It was a quick journey as the waters were calm and … Continued

Orca Success

This particular Friday was definitely a foggy one but with a boat full of passengers many eyes make light work! Heading left out the harbour it didn’t take us too … Continued

Orca Time!

It really does feel like summer this week and with the blasting temperatures it sure was nice to get out on the water to feel the sea breeze. Not only … Continued

Humpbacks and Algae

Yet another sunny day out on the waters of the Salish sea and the promise of  seeing exciting wildlife was in front of us.   After sailing for a little … Continued

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