Today our Zodiac filled with excitement headed up the Haro straight from Discovery Island toward the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island. Our lucky whale watchers had a terrific journey having three different sightings of J-pod a Resident Orca family, Transient Orcas (T2C’s) and also Dall’s Porpoises playing in the wake of the boat. Skipper Marty was able to keep the Dall’s porpoise entertained with his skillful driving.

The beautiful pictures below taken by Skipper Marty display T2C1 “Rocky” born 2002 watching over T2C2 “Tumbo” born 2005 who suffers from scoliosis! There is a visible bond as this family often stops and waits for their slower family member and after a kill will wait for him to catch up and share their meal with him.


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