Fastide Fury (June 18, 2015)

JUNE 18, 2015 – Skippers Geoff and Ian went cruising through the beautiful Gulf Islands toward Maple Bay and in search of Transient Orcas that were reported in the area. The excitement upon our Zodiac was huge as our guests witnessed one of the big male whales breech!  They saw quite a few of this group, including a calf before heading back to Victoria in light rain.. the first sprinkle in weeks.

Captain Bill on our Marauder IV stayed closer to home and watched a Transient Killer Whale on the move close to the Inner Harbour. These whales are constantly on the move to hunt down their next meal, which consist of harbour seals, sea lions, and other mammals similar in size. They may have been hunting the Minke Whale that was also spotted in the waters today.

We’re out this evening with our guests from the cruise ships in hopes for that perfect moment with a flip of the flukes as the sun sets low on the horizon.

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