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March 24 2019 – Another successful wildlife day today with Orcas, Sea Lions & Eagles all spotted from our Zodiac!  Mark took a full boat of excited guests east and then north in search of wildlife.  First stop, Seabird Lighthouse on the south end of Discovery Island.  There our guests watch some huge Steller (aka Northern) Sea Lions hanging out on the rocks under the light.  They also got a great view of two huge Bald Eagles perched close to the Sea Lions.  It was a calm day so it made wildlife viewing a lot easier.

Once they had their fill of these huge critters Mark headed north as he had heard the T49A’s (a pod of Bigg’s Orca) were hunting close to shore at Pender Island.  They took a high speed journey up Haro Strait until they came to the west side of Pender Island, a place called Pender Bluffs.  Sure enough the Killer Whales were close to shore splashing and high speed swimming.  They were definitely in hunting mode!  Mark gave the whales the distance as they hunted for their prey.  It was such a treat for our guests to sit back and watch these beautiful animals in the wild.

We are so lucky to be able to share this amazing ecosystem with our guests and we continue to push our Contribution to Conservation to help keep this amazing coast stay as pristine as possible for the wildlife that lives here!  If you love reading our Captain’s Logs then you may also enjoy reading our Blogs, eNewsletter or Facebook Page.

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