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T49A Transient Male Killer Whale
A large male from the T49A Killer Whale family.
Photo credit: Marcie Callewaert

An orca family hunting seals! Today we got to witness the stealth and cunning of the T49A Transient Killer Whale family as they hunted for food. Marty guided our zodiac passengers out towards Hein Bank via Trial Island, which is the location of an ecological reserve just off Victoria’s coast. After hunting and feeding, they certainly had plenty of energy as we saw them spy hop and tail lob many times. What a sight!

After spending the afternoon watching these amazing creatures, Captain Marty and our guests headed back towards Victoria, but that was not the end of the incredible wildlife sightings! Sunning himself on a rock was a large male Steller Sea Lion. Male Steller Sea Lions can weigh up to a massive 2,500 pounds, which is twice as heavy as a grand piano! That’s quite the sunbathing sight!

Closer to Victoria we saw many seals and were joined by a pair of Bald Eagles flying a mere 20-30ft overhead. Diving towards the boat and then darting outwards again, they were a fascinating and exciting addition to an already incredible trip! The guests had a trip jam packed with wonderful wildlife sightings all the way back to Victoria.

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