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SEPTEMBER 16 2017 – On the morning tour we found the T46B’s transient orcas out in the Juan De Fuca strait. We got to see 9 year old T46B2 playing with common murres (seabird) and at one time they swam under the boat! A humpback whale was also seen in the morning. In the afternoon we got to see something incredible! The T109A’s a family of transient orcas started to hunt (play) with a helpless harbor seal. The young whales in the group were given the chance and they swam around the seal for more than 45 minutes grabbing it, pulling it down and tail-slapping it! A bit harsh to watch but its wild nature. At the end seal and whales almost ended up on some rocks and the faith of the seal is unclear but most likely it ended up being eaten after the play. Can you spot the seal?

orcas killing a seal, Springtide
Orcas hunting a seal!

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