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Wild ride this afternoon with Orcas in stormy seas!

Our Covered Vessel headed out on our afternoon tour in the south-westerly direction to search for a pod of Killer Whales that had been spotted near Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. The first pod our passengers saw was a group of Transient Orcas, the T46Bs. They were motoring along, charging out of the water so large portions of their bodies could be seen.

From there, Marauder IV headed towards the rocks formations of Race Rocks where a different group of Transient Orcas were spotted. This time, it was the T34s and the T37s that were travelling together. The group put on quite the show! Lots of tail slaps, side breaches, and porpoising out of the water.  We even got to see a full breach!

A very dramatic day out on the water.

Transient Orcas swim near Race Rocks

If you would like to see more photos from this tour, please visit our Facebook Page. 

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