JULY 18, 2016 – Our first tours today started off very well and ended even better. The weather was beautiful and the conditions out on the sea were amazing. Captain Dan and his crew (on the Marauder IV, our Covered Vessel) and Skippers Mark and Kenton (on a couple of our Zodiac Vessels) departed the Inner Harbour each with eager passengers on-board. They started east towards the San Juan Islands, a beautiful set of Islands which are actually part of the United States. They are a popular location for seeing Orcas, and they came across all three of our Southern Resident Killer Whale pods, J, K and L Pod! They were cruising along the coastlines and giving us lots of great views.

In the afternoon the conditions were even better; the sea was like a big glass mirror. Skipper Mark took out another Zodiac filled with excited passengers and headed towards Eagle Point. J and K Pod were nowhere to be seen, but L Pod were still hanging around, so they spent some more time with them. Not long after, Mark got news of some Humpbacks down South, so he sped off in pursuit of them. He found them near Romeo Buoy, which is not too far from Dungeness Spit. Mark said there were probably more than 20 humpbacks in the area! Everyone got some fantastic views of these giants from the Zodiac vessel, who were spending lots of time close to the surface before heading back home to Victoria Harbour.

What an awesome day!

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