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JULY 25 2017 – The southern resident orcas from L-pod was on the move this morning and passed by outside Victoria on their way west. It is always sad to see them leave our area, this time of year they should hang around if there was enough salmon for them to eat but that is not the case so they leave for the open sea. It was great to see them though and we all got very good views and photos of them. The big guy “Crewser” L92 came really close to the boat with his curvy dorsal fin, a beauty! In the afternoon the resident orcas was way out west and we headed east instead to meet up with the Bigg’s transient orcas of the two families T34’s and T37’s. All seven individuals were present with great grandmother T34 leading the way!

Orca calf T37B2 Springtide whale watching
Mother T37B with her new calf T37B2.

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