AUGUST 10, 2015 – This afternoons trip was off to a great start even before we left the harbour! As we were boarding the vessel, the sun began peaking through the clouds, promising a sunny and warm trip to the whales. We turned left out of the harbour and headed to San Juan Island, where we caught up with our Southern Resident Killer Whales from L pod! The naturalists onboard identified one large male that was surfacing often near the boat as Solstice (L89). As we continued on, we caught up with a female orca Matia (L77) and her daughter Joy (L119). As we were heading back to the Inner Harbour, we stopped to watch some of our chubby harbour seals sun bathing on the rocks at the Chain Islands, and even spotted a Steller sea lion swimming near Oak Bay! A great way to end a sunny afternoon.

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