AUGUST 1, 2015 – It was yet another beautiful day in Victoria as Marauder and two of our zodiacs headed out with reports of killer whales just outside of the harbour, near Trial Island. It was only about 15 minutes and we had our first sighting of K-Pod. The first thing we saw was a huge dorsal fin rise out of the water followed by several smaller ones. It was Lobo, one of the big males from K-Pod.

The next hour was absolutely amazing with close encounters with the spectacular animals as they were all swimming East. After spending time with the Resident killer whales, we headed back West with reports of Humpback whales. We found three swimming in the middle of the Haro Strait. Everyone witnessed the magnificent animal raise its fluke and pectoral fin out of the water. One even surfaced right next to our boat, blowing a huge spout into the air! It was quite a surprise and everyone was pretty excited to see such a massive animal so close.

Our afternoon was spent right off San Juan Island with K-Pod once again. They were quite concentrated on feeding at this point as they were swimming quickly back and forth along the coast. We spotted Lobo again, along with his pal Scoter, another large male. It was absolutely perfect conditions for whale watching, with flat calm water and a hot beaming sun. Everyone was happy to be out on the water in the beautiful Haro Strait.

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