J2 "Granny" - the 103 year old Orca!
J2 “Granny” – the 103 year old Orca!

Today we encountered a mixed bag of wildlife on our tours! As the title of this log suggests, across the two trips we had the opportunity to view the J-Pod Orca, a group of Dall’s Porpoise, a Humpback Whale and a lone Sea Lion!

Zodiac Skipper Stu was most intrigued by the single Sea Lion he saw at Hannah Heights, as it is very unusual to see these animals hunting alone in that particular area. However, we think it is fair to say that our passengers were likely much more impressed by the Southern Resident Killer Whales, which included Granny (the oldest known Killer Whale in the world at an estimated age of 103!). The Dall’s porpoise, sighted at the Southern end of San Juan Island, were also lots of fun, playing around in the water and acting much like dolphins.

In the afternoon our passengers were very lucky, getting to see a Humpback Whale just South of Trial Island and then heading north to see J-Pod near the Lime Kiln lighthouse.

Overall, today was another fantastic September day with plenty of whales and other amazing west-coast wildlife!

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