JULY 19, 2015 – This morning Marauder and FasTide travelled east to San Juan Island in the USA where they picked up the Orcas from J-pod! J-27 Blackberry spent a lot of time next to Marauder making it easy for our passengers to get pictures of his gorgeous dorsal fin and saddle patch. In the afternoon Marauder and all three of our zodiacs went west to the world renowned Ecological Reserve, Race Rocks (Race Rocks) to check out two male elephant seals and lots of sea lions that were hunting! Our boats then continued on east to pick up L-pod, whose members were travelling inbound from the area up by Tofino! Our crew identified one  killer whale male named Nyssa and the L-pod calf! The calf and another young orca were porpoising ahead of their mothers at one point, almost looking like they playing a game of tag! An awesome way to end the day.


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