Orca whale spyhopping, Vancouver Island BC
Friendly Orca saying hi!

JULY 24, 2015 – J and K Pods again! ┬áThis morning our boats travelled east to San Juan Island to spend time with members of J and K pod. The whales were being super playful with lots of tail slapping, breaching and even two spyhops. On the way back to Victoria, Marauder stopped at the Chain Islands to view some harbour seals and got a chance to see a baby harbour seal bellyflop into the water. In the afternoon our boats travelled to Hein Bank to view the residents who were yet again extremely playful. At one point, three whales breached in unison! One of our zodiacs got to see a mom playing around with its calf – pushing it out of the water with her nose! Such an amazing day on the water.

Panorama of killer whales off Vancouver Island, BC Killer whale breaching near Victoria BC Behind a killer whale poking it's head up, Victoria BC

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