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An amazing day with over 15 surface feeding humpbacks. All around us the calm water was swirling and churning with the movements of these lunge feeding giants.

There were many groups of multiple whales collaboratively hunting with synchronized lunges along the surface. An amazing sight.

Two humpback whales surface feeding
Two humpback whales surface feeding



These feeding techniques only occur when the conditions are just right. There must be plentiful prey close to the surface. Each whale may take over two tonnes of prey each day!



Humpback making waves
Humpback making waves


This is an amazing time to witness the speed and power of these huge predators. They corral the prey into dense groups. Then with a remarkable synchronized burst of speed, turn on their sides, open wide and scoop many tonnes of prey rich waters into their mouths. The water is pushed out between the filter of their baleen plates and what remains is swallowed.



The water is rich with life right now. We had a great encounter with a raft of sea lions and many sea birds.

An awesome winter tour.


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