new calf
A Female, Male and Baby Orca

JULY 17, 2016 – Calm water, bright  warm sunshine, and L Pod made for a very memorable day here in Victoria!

One of our Southern Resident Killer Whale pods, L Pod, spent the day feeding and playing with a new young calf near Eagle Point. Our covered Vessel, Marauder IV, captained by Ian, and our Zodiac Vessels, RipTide, skippered by Marty and FasTide, skippered by Barry all headed towards Eagle Point where they caught up with members L Pod. The crew were quick to notice a calf that looked to be a new addition to the pod. After the excitement of the whales, the crew on Marauder IV pulled up some giant Bull Kelp and let all the passengers aboard get the chance to taste it! About as fresh as it gets! The sun was shining, the water was calm, and the whales were breathtaking! A wonderful sight for all on board.

In the afternoon, the three vessels headed out towards Race Rocks where they caught up with L Pod once again. Race Rocks is just southeast of Victoria’s Inner Harbour and a wonderful place to see local wildlife. Guests were able to see the new calf spyhopping and playing alongside its family members. Spyhopping is when a whale rises out of the water and holds a vertical position, partially out of the water. Very similar to a human treading water! The young calf seemed very playful as the rest of the pod hunted for salmon that is becoming more abundant in the area. From there, the passengers directed their attention to the Harbour Seals, Steller Sea Lions, Elephant Seals, and California Sea Lions; all of whom have recently returned to Race Rocks. A wonderful tour to wind down an unforgettable day here with SpringTide!

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