J Pod Killer Whale_Victoria Whale Watching
J16, ‘Slick’. Photo credit: mrmritter.

DEC 30, 2014 – “A BABY ORCA!” “WOW!” “AMAZING!” “UNREAL!” “THE BEST MARINE WILDLIFE TOUR EVER!” These are just some of the things you’d expect to hear from today’s passengers! Why? Because today they met J-Pods newest member, J50. Captain Ian explains, “This is the first we’ve seen of the calf, which was presumably born in the last few days. Mother J16, known as ‘Slick’, was staying close to her baby, along with another female. Although they were keeping a close eye on the tiny calf, it was clear they had not lost sight of the need to hunt, as the pod were spread out and the two females were consistently diving for fish when we saw them. ┬áBaby J50 was swimming well and looked energetic and healthy.

This is absolutely fabulous news for the Southern Resident Killer Whale population. I hope that this little whale makes it through the next few years and that we may watch it for many years to come.

To add to an already amazing day, conditions could not have been better. The water was silky smooth, the sun was out and the view of Mt. Baker was just stunning!

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