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With heavy fog covering Race Rocks we went east in search of wildlife. We ended up going on quite the journey, where we were lucky to catch up with 3 members of the T49A pod. This was the second day in a row that we encountered half an orca pod, and this time it was T49A Nan and two of her sons T49A3 (13 yrs) Nat and T49A6 Charlie II (2 yrs).

Everyone on board was delighted to encounter this fun family. Nan’s son T49A4 Neptune (10 yrs) and only daughter T49A5 Nebula (7 yrs) were not seen by us but were nearby and then joined up with their family later! Oldest sons T49A1 Noah and T49A2 Jude were not reported but that is not unusual for them; they wander on their own often (Jude more often than not!).

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