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JUNE 18 2018 – Today was a gorgeous day with sightings of a female humpback whale and her calf!

On our morning trips, our vessels saw this pair just South of Race Rocks where they watched them do some tail flicks. After watching the humpback and calf, we traveled to Race Rocks where we saw a bald eagle, elephant seals, harbour seals and other sea birds. The conditions were perfect this morning with glass-like water and subtle wind.

On our afternoon trips, we traveled to watch the beautiful Humpback whales once again around Race Rocks! Did you know that humpback calves can be born up to 15 feet long? Once at Race Rocks we had more great sightings of marine wildlife. Our naturalists even described one of the elephant seals as around 4 metres long!

Overall, today was yet again a great day to be on the water watching whales!

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