baby humpback
Humpback Whale Tail Fluke

September 9, 2016 – This morning the Marauder IV headed west in search of whales. It was very foggy out there, which gave a mystical feel to our cruise. We had to travel for a while but finally found several humpback whales south of Sooke. We first saw a few solitary individuals (young adults), then a mum and her young baby humpback. This little baby was probably still drinking milk from its mom as it was not diving with her when she was searching for food but was staying at the surface instead making for excellent viewing. Then it was time to make our way back home and we stopped at Race Rocks on route to look at the hundreds of sea lions and seals that use the rocks as a winter haul out.

In the afternoon, we again headed west but this time, the fog was gone and we cruised under a warm sun. We made a stop at Race Rocks to have a look at the harbour seals (smallest seals on Earth), the Steller sea lions and the California sea lions. About 15min after we left Race Rocks we found another group of humpback whales in Sooke area. About six whales, all young adults, diving several times to feed then coming back to the surface. We enjoyed their graceful ballet for about half an hour then it was time to return to Victoria for a nice evening in the city.

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