August 10, 2016 – This morning our boats travelled west on very calm water and picked up J Pod off of Beachy Head. Marauder IV got a special visit from Mike (J26) who spent the hour alongside Marauder and at one point he even dove right under the boat! Just before our boats had to turn around and head back towards Victoria, Mike was joined by the rest of J Pod who did a one pass alongside Marauder. On the way back our boats stopped at Race Rocks to watch some sea lions bask in the sun.

In the afternoon, our boats travelled west again under sunny, cloudless skies. They picked up J Pod after 45 minutes of travel. All of J Pod was in a resting pattern together. It was quite a sight to see so many orcas travelling so close together as they are often spread apart for hunting purposes. At the end of our trip, for the grand finale, the entire pod swam right past the bow of Marauder. Our passengers sure got some great photos! Such a special day on the Salish Sea!

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