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JUNE 12 2017 – L-pod is back! We say welcome back to one of our favorite orca pods. This morning we heard that the southern resident killer whales of L-pod was inbound passed Sooke, we were so glad to welcome them back home to their waters in the Salish Sea. L-pod is by far the largest pod we have in the area around Victoria with 35 individuals. If the find enough salmon they hopefully will stay around for a while. On the tour today we saw the two whales L22 and L89. A mother and her adult son that were the first one to arrive with the rest of L-pod further out in deeper waters on their way to join up with L22 and L89. We still have a few spaces available for tomorrow and hopefully L-pod will be waiting for us!

L-pod with Springtide whale watching!
L22 “Spirit” a female that is at least 46 years old!

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