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Mar 1 2019 – Today was a gorgeous day to be out on a High-Speed Zodiac! Skipper Mark took his passengers west of Victoria Harbour to explore the rugged coastline in Whirl Bay. The weather was beautiful as they made their journey westward and the waters were calm. Once at Whirl Bay Mark’s passengers got to spend some time watching some Bald Eagles. Did you know that Bald Eagles tend to mate for life and have surprisingly long lifespans? The oldest known wild eagle lived to be 38 years old!

Following their time at Whirl Bay, Mark brought his passengers further west to explore around East Sooke Park and take in the sights of the beautiful coastline. From there, Mark headed towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where passengers got to spend time looking at Harbor Seals, California and Steller Sea Lions and more Eagles. From there, they headed towards a group of islands known as Chatham and Discovery Islands.

After lots of coastal exploration, Mark steered his passengers back towards the Inner Harbor. A beautiful way to start the month of March!

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