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We had a fantastic trip today; the conditions were calm and the sun was shining. We sped off in RipTide for our afternoon’s adventure. We had heard reports of Humpback Whales in the area, so we kept our fingers crossed! Getting closer to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, we spotted a blow! Bingo! We were in the presence of approximately 10 Humpback Whales, maybe more! They were diving deep for food and also lunge feeding. Lunge feeding is a  technique whales use; rising out of the water mouth first to scoop up large quantities of bait fish at a time. They will take huge gulps and then filter their food through their baleen plates. It really is an astonishing sight to see! After floating alongside them for a while, we left them to it and headed off to Race Rocks to see if we could spot some more marine wildlife. We were greeted by noisy Sea Lions and calm Seals who were relaxing on the rocks in the afternoon sunshine. We headed home all thrilled with our lucky adventure.

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