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Today, captain Ian took passengers out to see some lunge feeding Humpback whales!

Leaving Victoria Harbour, Captain Ian brought his passengers to an area known as Constance Bank. Constance Bank is located South-west of Victoria and is often a hotspot for marine life. It is here that they started their search for whales. Captain Ian brought passengers to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where they got to spend time watching Harbour Seals, California and Steller Sea Lions, and even Elephant Seals that have made their way back into the area.

Moving on from there, they hugged the coast and found a tight group of three Humpback Whales that were lunge feeding. The fish that the whales were feeding on brought lots of attention from other sea life as well. Passengers were able to watch as the gentle giants shared their feast with seals, sea lions, and a multitude of sea birds. It was quite the bonanza!

Humpback whale diving. Photo by Captain Ian Roberts


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