breaching humpback
Breaching Humpback Whale

September 21, 2016 – This morning Captain Mark and our excited guests headed out aboard RipTide, one of our speedy Zodiacs, for a whale watching adventure. The conditions out there were perfect; the sun was shining and the sea was calm and clear. You couldn’t ask for anything better! They headed towards Constance Bank and found some members of L-Pod, one of our Southern Resident Killer Whale pods. After getting some great views of the family, they also found some Humpback Whales nearby. What a trip!

In the afternoon, and still during perfect weather conditions, Mark headed out with more guests eager to see whales. Not long after they departed the Inner Harbour they caught up with Humpback Whales, who put on a fantastic show for everyone. They were breaching and spending lots of time at the surface, allowing our guests to get some pretty cool photos and admire their huge size. They spent a bit of time with these giants before heading towards the San Juan Islands to find L-Pod, the Killer Whales we had seen this morning. They caught up with them again and watched as they cruised along the beautiful coastline.

On the way home, Mark stopped and found some Harbour Seals hanging out and enjoying the sunshine on the rocks. It was a very successful and amazing day!

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