Lounging Sea Lion
A Steller Sea Lion basking in the sun on the rocks surrounding Race Rocks Ecological Reserve

JULY 6, 2016 – Today we caught up with a plethora of humpback whales, some transient killer whales and lots of other species of marine wildlife. It was a pretty fantastic day!

Skippers Mark and Marty started our day off onboard two of our speedy zodiac vessels, RipTide and FasTide. They departed Victoria’s Inner Harbour and headed West, where they discovered humpbacks. There were a lot of them around — about 15 in total — so pretty much everywhere you looked you would see a whale.

In the afternoon, Captain Dave, piloting our covered motor yacht, Marauder IV,  joined Mark and Marty with their zodiacs as they headed out for a second tour. This time our crew headed East in search of some killer whales. News had just come over the radio that they would be found near Active Pass. Sure enough, they were! Excited passengers and crew alike were treated to a beautiful location and some thrilling whale watching.

Not to be outdone, the seals, sea lions and resident sea otter, Harry Otter, were on hand to offer their lounging bodies as sweet and humorous spectacles to our guests. The afternoon ended in an incredible encounter with white-sided dolphins and harbour porpoises!

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