orca awareness month
Two Transients Glide Through the Salish Sea

JUNE 30, 2016 – We ended the month of June (and Orca Awareness Month) on a wonderful high today! The weather was lovely and the whale sightings were even better. Crew and passengers headed East up towards Sidney and found a couple of transient killer whales. Transients are the mammal eating killer whale, they eat anything from seals to great white sharks! When they caught up with them it looked like they were surfing. It was a little windy this morning causing some swells out on the ocean, and it seemed the transients were making the most of it!  They also got to see a couple of humpback whales.  We have had a lot of humpbacks in our area recently, which means that there is currently plenty of food available to them. Humpbacks are filter feeders (like all baleen whales) and eat krill, plankton and small fish.  The crew also made stops at some popular locations such as, Race Rocks, Trial Island and Sidney Island. It really was another amazing day for us and our many passengers.


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