l pod
One of the members of L Pod breaching.

September 19, 2016 – This afternoon the Marauder IV left Victoria’s Inner Harbour under a mix of rain and sun but it soon turned into a gorgeous sunny afternoon. Our direction of travel was towards the east in search of whales. The weather was perfect; no wind, flat calm waters, perfect to spot a few sea lions, seals, and lots of birds on the way. We passed Trial Island and then Discovery Island. We continued our cruise toward the south of San Juan Island, on the other side of the border. There, we found the entire L Pod of the southern resident killer whales (the salmon eaters). The different families were first spread out so we drove from one to the other. Then one of the females breached twice to call the other members of the pod. The different families started regrouping and the show started. The killer whales were socializing, rolling on their side, playing with each other. What a fantastic time we had with them. Then, we started heading home but first, we stopped at Chain Island to look at the cute Harbor Seals, smallest species of seals on Earth. We also pulled some Bull Kelp on board to explain to our guests how fascinating and important this species of fast-growing brown algae is. Most passengers even ate a piece of this very nutritive algae.

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