A Juvenile Orca
A Juvenile Orca

JUNE 23, 2016 – Today’s whale watching adventures took us West out on the Salish Sea. We visited some amazing locations such as Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, Albert Head and Beechy Head. We saw a plethora of marine wildlife throughout the day, including lots of whales!

Captain Dave took our motor yacht, the Marauder IV, out for a tour in the morning, while Skippers Ian and Mark went out with some of our zodiac vessels. Our crew quickly caught up with L-Pod, our Southern resident killer whales. We have not seen L-Pod in a while so it was rewarding to come across them after so long. L-Pod is the largest of the three resident pods, currently consisting of 36 members. The adventurers also got to see some transient killer whales on this tour. Transient killer whales are very similar to the residents, except for one main difference between them being that transients eat mammals while residents prefer fish — almost exclusively Chinook salmon.

In the afternoon, Captain Dave and Skippers Mark and Ian headed out once again, with their tours in tow, in search of whales. Our passengers were excited to see these wonderful mammals. Many of them had never been whale watching before. They again headed West and found the residents near Beechy Head, All on-board were treated to two juveniles having a breaching contest! One would breach and then the other one would do the same; this continued over and over again for quite some time. Our crew said this was an amazing show to watch.

On their way back to Victoria, after getting loads of great photos of the killer whales, they came across a humpback. Humpback whales can range in length from 12-16 metres (39-52ft) and can weigh up to 36,000 kg. They truly are giants! They also got to see plenty of adorable harbour seals lazing around Race Rocks. It was really a wonderful day for us and our many passengers!

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