l pod
A day with L Pod and J Pod

September 3, 2016 – In the morning, we left the Inner Harbour surrounded by gorgeous wooden boats as this weekend is the Classic Boat Festival. We headed east towards the USA and more precisely San Juan Island where we heard a big group of resident killer whales was spotted. We sailed for a while and finally found them: the L Pod swimming up and down along the west coast of the island, looking for food (salmon). We stayed with a few big lone males and some groups of females and young ones for about 30 minutes. What a sight! Then it was time to head back to Victoria.

In the afternoon, we left Victoria under beautiful sunny skies. We headed east again with the idea of finding the resident killer whales that we saw this morning and we did, a little bit south of San Juan Island. This time, a bigger group was waiting for us. We saw a number of orcas from L Pod as well as J Pod. After a while cruising around, they started socializing all together. It was fantastic. They were playing, tail slapping, rolling on their side, it was incredible to see. We started going back home but stopped at Chain Islet on the way to pick some bull kelp to show the passengers and tell them how important those brown algae are for the environment. Then it was time to return to Victoria.

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