Transient Killer Whales Hunting Victoria BC
Killer Whales Making a Kill

DEC 22 2014 – What a trip!!!  Captain Ian headed out in search for wildlife and oh boy did he find just that.  They headed east today.  On the way out Ian found some cute Harbour Seals and 2 Bald Eagles at a spot called Zero Rock.  We had heard reports of possible Orcas eastbound into Haro Strait so that’s where he went!  Sure enough, after a quick search, Captain Ian found a group of Transient Orcas making a kill. They had just attacked a Harbour Seal and were settling down to lunch when we arrived on scene. Ian caught it all on video! Check out our You Tube page where you can find today’s video and much more! Not only did we have awesome footage of Killer Whales but we also spotted a Gray Whale on the way home. The large baleen whale was feeding in very shallow waters off Oak Bay, Victoria. What a trip and what a day! Christmas Whales just for SpringTide!!!!

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