T's Nov 11 2015

Transient Killer Whale, Nov 12, Pic by Ian Roberts
Transient Orca, Nov 12, Pics by Ian Roberts

NOV 11 2015 – After an exciting ride through waves on the waterfront, Captain Ian found Killer Whales, Humpbacks and Porpoise.  What a day indeed!  Today we headed East and North as we had heard of Transient Killer Whales near East Point.  Before we got to the Whales we saw Dall’s Porpoise playing in Haro Strait.  Very cool!

It was an extra long trip up North but totally worth it.  Where the Killer Whales were was very calm.  The critters were tightly bunched up and travelling North together. There was a huge male in the group (see pic above) who was very photogenic and showed off for our passengers.  Sea Lions were also spotted by the group on their tour.

As Ian headed south he bumped into 2 large Humpback Whales.  His guests were delighted to have seen more than 1 species of Whale and a total of 4 different Marine Mammals on their trip.  All in all it was another magical day on the Salish Sea!

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