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MAY 1 2017 – We traveled far towards the west today and saw killer whales and a humpback whale! The first we saw was the big spout from the humpback whale in the distance and when we got closer we got surprised by a pod of transient killer whales in the same area. The humpback was a little bit difficult to get a good look at because it went for long dives and always popped up further away. The killer whales however put on a great show for us and traveled parallel to the boat on several occasions. It was a family group of 4 killer whales, mother and three offsprings. The youngest was still a calf and surfaced always close to its mother´s side. Calm sea, killer whales and a humpback whale, easy to say that we returned to harbor with a smile on our faces!

Transient Killer Whales on a SpringTide Tour
Killer whale calf surfacing close to its older sibling.

If you would like to see some pics of today’s trip head to our Facebook Page!

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