J-27 'Blackberry' - A male Southern Resident Killer Whale.
J-27 ‘Blackberry’ – A male Southern Resident Killer Whale.

The title of this log says it all! Today we caught up with J-Pod Orca and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day (despite some early morning fog). To be honest though, it was the fog in the morning that made the early Zodiac trip so exciting. That’s a strange statement, we know, but it’s absolutely true!

When we arrived at Pile Point, at around 11.45am, we knew there were Killer Whales to be seen, but the fog was making it difficult to locate exactly where they were. Luckily, Skipper Geoff knew exactly what to do. He brought the vessel to a complete stop and asked the passengers to stay very quiet and listen for the whales as they surfaced. Soon after they heard their first blow as a few of the group surfaced to breathe. Slowly they moved toward the noises and the whales came into view. If you’ve never heard the sound of Killer Whales passing by, breathing through their blowholes, you may not understand how magical it is. But trust us, it is a beautiful thing to hear them breathing and really makes a whale watching experience special! It wasn’t long until the fog cleared completely, making way for an absolutely gorgeous sunny day and great viewing.

In the afternoon Skipper Geoff again headed out to meet up with J-Pod! He followed the group, who were again fishing, paying particular attention to the two large males that were closest to the boat – Onyx (L-87) and Blackberry (J-27). He was also surprised by the number of Harbour Porpoise he saw on the trip, saying “there were tons of them out there; they were everywhere!” On the way back the group also got a good look at a California Sea Lion and plenty of Harbour Seals fishing around in the water.

Overall, it was another great day out on water, made even better by fabulous sunny conditions (and a little morning fog!)

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