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Saturday Nov 17th 2018 – What can we say… November has been Whaletastic!!!  We have seen Whales on every single trip this Fall and today was no exception.  Captain Ian headed out with a boat load of enthusiastic guests.  They headed south and within 20 minutes were on scene with a pair of Humpback Whales.  They were swimming together and showing off their massive tails as they dove deep.  After a 30 minute look at these guys Ian headed west towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.  If you read our logs daily you will see that this is a highlight for our guests.  At this time of year hundreds of Sea Lions haul out on these rocks and battle each other for the best spot!  It is a loud and smelly area – probably because all the Sea Lions here are males.  Aren’t all bachelor pads like this 😉

After watching and listening to the Sea Lions growl and bark, Ian saw some more Humpback blows to the south of him.  He started to head that way but all of a sudden got a report of Orca just a few miles to the east of him.  He headed right to them and had a private show with lots of members of K Pod.  Our guests were ecstatic!  But that wasn’t all.  As they watched K Pod they also came across lunge feeding Humpback Whales.  Ian said it was a trip of a lifetime.  All at once he had hundreds of birds above multiple lunge feeding Humpback Whales as K Pod swam right through.  The tour went over the three hours as everyone was having far too much fun.  They finally had to leave the whales and headed back to Victoria as the sun set and the sky lit up a beautiful orange/red.

If you would like to check out the awesome photos from today’s tour head to our Facebook Page.



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